What are DTCP Approved Plots


The Directorate of Town & Country Planning (DTCP) headed by the Director is functioning under the Tamil Nadu T&CP Act, 1971. It functions under the control of Housing & Urban Development Department (H&UD) of the Secretariat. The department has its jurisdiction over the entire Tamil Nadu except Chennai Metropolitan Development Area (CMDA).

Role of DTCP

The DTCP aims to provide effective land development plan with sufficient infrastructural facilities for a favorable living environment requisite for the society. This is accomplished by joining together the physical, economic in addition to the social planning for the miscellaneous conditions viz., physiography, pattern of urbanization, traditional practices, socio-economic equalities among other things that are prevalent in different parts of the towns and villages.

The sanctioned plan of the Gram Panchayat is not valid as they are not empowered to approve such type of constructions as per delegation of powers without prior technical approval from UDA/ DTCP as per the Gram Panchayat Building Rules. The DTCP is an exclusive organization for urban planning. The DTCP which is a Town Planning Agency has the authority to develop and update Master Plans for an area under their jurisdiction. Master Plans are important documents. Master Plans identify the “usage” for which land is to be used. For example, Residential, Industrial, Agricultural, etc.

Before approval, as per regulations, DTCP has to scrutinize conversion certificate issued by the Mandal Revenue Officer [MRO]. It’s the duty of DTCP to incorporate the conversion status in Master Plan. Developer has to pay necessary conversion fee and development charges to concerned Municipality or Panchayat and then obtain Conversion Certificate from MRO and submit to DTCP. If land is not converted, then for all practical purposes, it remains a Farm Layout.

Residential Layout – Why do we need to Pay more for them

Why should we pay more than double the rate for unconverted land, when Farm Plots are available, cheap, nearby? If a developer disappears after selling plots without converting plots, in the so called “Residential Layout”, then DTCP and the Government can in future ask the plot owners to convert land and regularize layout which can be an uphill task. The MRO will ask for Panchayat Resolution agreeing to the layout, land documentation etc. It’s best left to the developer to handle this and he has to do conversion before approval by DTCP. Precisely this is why we are paying extra premium for a “Residential Layout”.


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